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How I Learned That Food Can Be Medicine

How I Learned That Food Can Be Medicine

Wellness Wednesday Series, Episode 4: What a dietary blunder taught me about the destructive powers of food, and how The Good Kind is helping me recover. 

On my every day quest to living well, I am often reminded of how a commitment to practicing a lifestyle change really is a journey. There are valleys just as there are peaks no matter where you are in your process, and this past Sunday I experienced one of my lowest valleys yet. Since the Wellness Wednesday series is about food just as much as it is about about fitness, what better platform than this one to share my dietary blunder and what I am trying to do to fix it?
This past weekend we had Dan’s best friend (and our Best Man!) Kyle in town visiting from Chicago. Since I have a more flexible schedule nowadays (cheers to my fellow blogger/content creator #girlbosses), I was able to play San Antonio hostess with the mostest and show Kyle some of our favorite local eatery experiences before Dan was finished with his work week. These eateries are usually places we go once every few weeks….we took Kyle to almost all of them in one weekend. I ordered salads at a few of the restaurants, but at many of them I ordered, well, not salads. 

I should have known this would disrupt my system, but I had no idea just how much it would. By the time Sunday rolled around, all I could do was roll, because I had full body aches (legitimate flu-like symptoms), and my stomach was wailing with misery (which meant I was too). I somehow made it to my Yin Yoga class at AC Power Yoga–because LBH, it’s my only active recovery day and I spend 6 days working myself ragged between JoyRide and Bowspring Yoga to earn that sleepy relaxing class on Sundays–but I have no idea how I made it through my yoga class. I was nauseous, then sweaty, then had chills, then had stomach cramps, *rinse, lather, repeat* for an hour. I made it home and was basically unable to move for 24 hours. This meant I didn’t only lose Sunday, but I lost Monday too…and, as Kimberly “Sweet Brown” Wilkins once said, “ANGTFT!” 
I wasn’t sure if I had food poisoning, or a stomach flu, or if I was just riddled with inflammation from being a glutton for three days straight. Now that it’s all over, I honestly think it was the latter. Which is scary, and it led me to learn an important lesson: food, even if it is from a nice restaurant, can be equally as destructive to your system as it can be restorative when you eat all of the things at once. Everyone’s system is different, and I already know what mine is sensitive to. If you don’t nourish your body with what it needs and you feed it foods that cause inflammation, the food will make you sick. I knew this…at least I thought I did, but this weekend was a screaming reminder of how food-related inflammatory responses can wreak havoc on your body. For me, it felt like having a virus. *Side note: this makes me wonder how many “viruses” I had growing up that were actually food-related inflammatory issues.

Luckily, The Good Kind has an amazing meal delivery service that is currently offering delicious Whole30 meals that you can pre-order for the week and are delivered to your doorstep. A big paper bag with my meals for the week arrived on Monday afternoon, and I am already feeling so much better. (The Good Kind is still taking orders for their February Whole30 kickoff, and I highly suggest that you get in on the month of goodness.)

I’ve said before that I don’t do diet fads, but the Whole30 is the one that adheres most closely to the food routine I followed in my First Line Therapy program through Dr. Michelle Harden and her wellness practice at Stone Oak Women’s Center. I won’t be doing all 30 days, but I’m grateful to use the meals as a system reset to get me feeling back to normal. If you’re looking to lose some extra weight, you will with Whole30. If you’re looking to just clean out your system and feel better physically and mentally, you’ll do that too. Here are some benefits to the Whole30 meal delivery program:

  • 95% of people who follow the plan lose weight and see a vast improvement in body composition.
  • The Good Kind Whole30 meals come out to less than $38 dollars/day for your breakfast, lunch and dinner (Which, if you are buying groceries/ eating out everyday, this pricing is similar and it’s already made for you! Worth it.) *They also have weekly payment plans available.
  • According to the USDA, in 2016, on average, an female adult spent $60/day on groceries – and that does not include eating out.
  • A month of clean eating gives your mind and body time to form new habits, changing the way you think about food. It will shift your emotional attachment to food and squash unhealthy cravings and tastes.
  • Our meals are creative, fresh and ingredients are locally sourced, organic and non-GMO.
  • Whole30 diet restores a healthy metabolism, heals your digestive tract and balances your immune system

Here is a pretty sobering quote from The Good Kind’s most recent e-newsletter, regarding the growing food-as-medicine movement and how it is helping shift the way we view our health.

“In America, over 50% of our food is processed food and only 5% of our food is plant-based food,” and “cumulative data paints a clear picture, the salt, sugar, fat and processed foods often found in the American diet contribute to the nation’s high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.”

So…are you ready to get your Whole30 on and spend February changing your habits? Food might be your poison, but it can also be your medicine (it has been both in my life, and trust me…everything is better when food is my medicine). For my loyal Sequins & Suspenders readers here in San Antonio, The Good Kind has offered you a special discount! Use the code EATGOODKIND and receive 10% off of your February Whole30 meal delivery service order.

Thanks for reading! Wishing you well.

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Thank you to The Good Kind for sponsoring this post, and for providing me with all of the images above.

Thank you to JoyRide Texas and AC Power Yoga for sponsoring the Wellness Wednesday series.

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  • this all looks amazingly delicious. i need to give this a try. i have tried (and have failed) to eat clean and whole but without the proper training and recipes, i have failed too many times. what a great option this is!

  • First of all, I’m glad that you are feeling better , then, great article!
    A great place you have found, wish there was one here as well..
    I think that food can be very good or very bad, inflamation like speaking , there is is even a test that examines your blood and tells you which kind of food you have totally to avoid so your cells don’t get an inflammatory reaction, for me was everything that came from milk (lactose) .
    So basically I think eating healthy and accordingly to your body needs opens your eyes to a new way to always feel great and strong.
    Thanks for sharing

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